Fri 10 - Sun 19 November 2017

Featured events for EFG London Jazz Festival

‘One of the world's largest and most ambitious festivals’ (Downbeat)

The Festival returns to the city in November, for ten days jam-packed with heavyweight musical talent from across the globe, bringing a wealth of international legends to London’s concert halls – with new music, emerging British stars and outstanding collaborations all added into the mix.

We have more than 350 performances in 60 venues, so come and join us on a journey, a voyage of musical discovery; the past, present and future of jazz. 

We have a full range of the genre’s talent for you – from jazz masters flexing their chops at the concert halls to fresh young bands ripping it up at the clubs, plus a whole host of work aimed at families and young people

A lot of our events are free, too – so there’s no excuse not to join us.

Support your local jazz club and visit a glitzy concert hall. Follow the music wherever it takes you – a late-night hang is recommended – and wake up with the buzz of last night’s fun in your head.

We are the EFG London Jazz Festival. 
We are 25

Culture is in the DNA of London, and live music makes a vital contribution to the life and soul of the city. I would encourage everyone to explore the city fully and take part in London’s vibrant music scene this autumn.

Great international festivals such as the EFG London Jazz Festival show that London is open to creativity and to people from across the world.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London


Several  scammers are at work, cutting and pasting sections of copy relating to the Jazz Festival and spamming databases, pretending to make an offer for bands to take part in the Festival, conditional on them paying some items like visa costs or a travel contribution. They are operating under several names, but they are nothing to do with the Festival.   We never ask for payments to take part in the Festival, and we are looking at legal options to end this abuse.   If you know anyone who has been approached in this way, please tell them not to be fooled.  We are very sorry about the disappointment and confusion this has caused.