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11-20 November 2022



Jazz, at its very roots, is a music created, developed and shaped by Black culture. The EFG London Jazz Festival has worked for years to promote cultural diversity and opportunity, but we know that there remains much more to be done.

We are listening, learning and supporting, and hope that our Festival programme this year, despite global challenges, represents the diverse society in which we live and the range of people who form the backbone of our music.

Moving forward, we will try our best to be self-aware, to challenge ourselves at every turn and to actively push for positive change.

That glorious time of year when more live improvised music can be heard in the bars, clubs and concert halls of the capital than the rest of the year put together. The Independent
The jazz club element, which runs parallel to the big concert hall and major space programme of the EFG London Jazz Festival, is a vital part of the continuing success and energy of the fest. Jazzwise Magazine
A ramshackle Old Street basement blazing with incandescent noise comes right after an evening of elegant grand-piano jazz around the corner at the Barbican. Such behaviour is par for the course at the 30-gigs-per-night London jazz festival. It's like iPod-shuffling with live music, only governed by the nimbleness of your legs rather than your thumbs. The Guardian
While the smaller gigs all over the city are important in making the London Jazz Festival representative not only of jazz in the world but in this city, one of the most valuable things it achieves is the presentation of seriously important musicians who have brought so much to this area of music down the years, but whom we don't get to hear nearly often enough thejazzbreakfast.com

The EFG London Jazz Festival is the capital's biggest pan-city music festival, taking place annually in November, which has long been acclaimed for showcasing a heady mix of talent from around the world. Widely acknowledged for delivering world-class artists and emerging stars, the Festival continues to take jazz to a massive audience, in one of UK's landmark music events.

The festival was created in 1992 by live international music producers, Serious. The festival emerged from the long-standing Camden Jazz Week which was created in 1970; with the active support of the London Arts Board (now Arts Council England, London). Serious - who had for some years produced the Camden Jazz Week - engineered a transition that saw the evolution of the festival.  Taking a mix of international and British artists and a commitment to education activity, the London Jazz Festival began to spread its wings. The aims of the festival still remain the same today; celebrating the place of jazz in a city which is at ease with its rich cultural diversity, and drawing in a multitude of venues across London who present the music, week in, week out, throughout the year.

The festival is produced by Serious, one of the UK’s leading producers and curators of live jazz, international and new music. Serious produces events that range from major concerts, festivals and national and international tours through to learning and participation programmes, conferences and specially commissioned bespoke events. Alongside its core role as a live music events producer, it works in artist and rights management. Alongside this exists the registered charity, Serious Trust, which has been established to support the next generation of artists and audiences through our artist development, learning and participation and commissioning programmes.

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