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11-20 November 2022


The Banger Factory

The Banger Factory

Sun 21 November 2021

Stage time / 9:00pm

Doors / 8:00pm


LONDON Ninety One Living Room,
91 Brick Ln, Spitalfields
E1 6QL

The gang of brothers, they are the finest and most exciting live act on the scene. With a new album fresh off the press.

This is a special jazz outfit, well established and proven. Several years in making, they now have two very well received and critically acclaimed albums on Ubuntu Records (including “Kavuma” LP voted among the best albums of the year 2018 by Downbeat magazine). With the latest one fresh off the press and the first on a brand new label Banger Factory Records. “Arashi No Ato” is the newest offering from the band and tonight’s programme will uncover significant parts of it.

Kavuma stands at the helm of this remarkable group of talented individuals with extraordinary musical abilities. Governing such organisation is Mark’s forte. With a real knack for discovering a potential, he directs and realigns its elements effortlessly. He also keeps churning out one tune after another. And they are groovy pieces. Owing a lot to hard bop legacy Kavuma unashamedly expands their repertoire with more bangers tailor-made and destined for a dance floor.

This band is like a family. The gang of brothers that exude tons of joy when witnessed on stage. Each one of them is at the top of their game, and this becomes evident when they support one another with solid and imaginative backups. Not to mention their mind-blowing creativity and bottomless energy.

The ensemble sounds like a band of old dogs in a clear and positively assured sense. Full of energy, vibe, blues, rhythm, gospel and emotions they are the finest and most exciting live act on the scene.


Mark Kavuma – trumpet

Theo Erskine – tenor saxophone

Mussinghi Brian Edward – tenor saxophone

Artie Zaitz – guitar

David Mrakpor – vibraphone

Joe Downard – bass

Will Cleasby – drums

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