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Serious is very proud to present a new edition of Between The Lines – our concert series of music that transcends genre – joining forces with some of our favourite artists, labels and collectives to co-curate a series of performances of boundary-pushing music throughout October in the CLF Art Café in Peckham’s Bussey Building. 

Each night features a collection of musicians at the forefront of musical experimentation, ranging from neo-classical cello to Japanese Gagaku, an acapella vocal group to modular synth improvisation, and queer IDM to experimental RnB.

First, on Wednesday 7 October our friends at Erased Tapes have curated a beautiful triple bill, continuing their Erased Tapes 2020 series, featuring German cellist and Nils Frahm collaborator Anne Müller’s first live appearance in London since the release of her debut album Heliopause, a solo set from Immix Ensemble founder and saxophonist Daniel Thorne, and the enchanting London-based Japanese voice artist Hatis Noit, plus some surprises on the night.

Anne Müller: https://annemuller.bandcamp.com/album/heliopause
Daniel Thorne: https://vimeo.com/118694971
Hatis Noit: https://youtu.be/0v0HacvKcK8

Then on Thursday 22 October we are joined by legendary electronic musician and producer Leafcutter John, who has put together a night of new collaborations and projects spanning the wide range of his extensive musical output. He’ll be performing with saxophonist and composer Helen Papaioannou in a first-time collaboration, and to support he’s invited his friend Ruth Goller (of Melt Yourself Down and Vula Viel fame, amongst others) who will perform with her new trio Skylla, featuring vocalists Lauren Kinsella and Alice Grant. Presented in association with Border Community.

Leafcutter John: https://youtu.be/XaCOvylhxks
Skylla: https://vimeo.com/340450443
Helen Papaioannou: https://youtu.be/wGjhaBLelgc

Finally on Thursday 29 October we team up with The Spectacular Empire – an artist collective led by experimental grime/dancehall artist GAIKA – who have put together a triple bill of spectacular proportions of artists at the cutting of edge of London’s RnB and Hip-Hop scene. Featuring Hyperdub’s IDM producer Loraine James (whose debut album For You And I was named The Quietus’ Album of 2019), experimental /genre-bending RnB artist GLOR1A, and rising Afro-Irish rapper DEMIGOSH.

Loraine James: https://open.spotify.com/album/6pxdd6ST1bzd5UKF4cAMJu?si=ke7cf01zSCePao4Wj-nNNQ
GLOR1A: https://youtu.be/9hpO5gsm_5g
DEMIGOSH: https://youtu.be/HGDrC_2YmCA

Originally set to take place in May, we’re extremely fortunate to have been able to rearrange the entire series to take place in October and can’t wait to share these unique sets of showcases with you.