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11-20 November 2022




Tue 16 November 2021

Stage time / 8:00pm

Doors / 7:30pm


LONDON Hundred Years Gallery,
13 Pearson Street
E2 8JD

Swiss/UK trio head up a feast of improvised music presented by LUME

Swiss/UK trio of Oli Kuster (modular synthesiser), Cyrill Ferrari (guitar/effects) and Dee Byrne (alto saxophone/effects) celebrate the release of their album 'Motherboard Pinball' (Efpi Records). Plus a first meeting duo set from Ruth Goller (bass) and Cath Roberts (baritone saxophone) and a solo set from Will Glaser (drums).

Ruth Goller & Cath Roberts
Will Glaser solo
Oli Kuster / Cyrill Ferrari / Dee Byrne

LUME's back! film by Hannah Marshall

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