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11-20 November 2022


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Vilnius Jazz presents: Improdimensija Orchestra + Dainius Pulauskas Trio + Prayer

Vilnius Jazz presents: Improdimensija Orchestra + Dainius Pulauskas Trio + Prayer

Sun 15 November 2020

Stream time / 5:00pm

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EFG London Jazz Festival partners with our friends at Vilnius Jazz for a very special showcase of Lithuanian jazz artists, featuring the Improdimensija Orchestra – the legendary free improv ensemble formed by Liudas Mockūnas and Arnas Mikalkėnas, Dainius Pulauskas Trio and Arkady Gotesman’s project Prayer.

Supported by the Lithuanian Culture Institute

Improdimensija Orchestra, formed on the initiative of improvised music masters Liudas Mockūnas and Arnas Mikalkėnas, involves alumni and current students of the Contemporary Music/Improvised Music Master’s Program at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LAMT) as well as their associates. 

Improdimensija is a creative platform for improvisation, experimentation and education, opening the gateways to untrodden sound valleys, where not only the veterans, but also the younger generations unleash their creative powers.

Dainius Pulauskas Trio

Dainius Pulauskas
is one of the most prominent Lithuanian jazz masters, he is a pianist, keyboard player, renowned group leader and original composer. Having tried various genres and collaborated with various partners in his work, Pulauskas has always felt the sentiments for the classical trio format, according to him, one of the most perfect forms of jazz expression. Dainius Pulauskas trio was born in 2018 with Arman Isojan on double bass and Augustas Baronas on drums, and fascinated the audience with the performers’ virtuosity and zeal.

Arman Isojan graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and appeared in various projects, took part in almost all Lithuanian jazz festivals as well as Jazznica 2011 festival in Slovakia, and international project Divercities Grenoble 2012 in France. In 2013, he earned a special prize at the Vilnius Jazz Young Power competition as a bassist of R.A.D.D. and Legentet, and as a member of R.A.D.D. claimed the Grand Prix.

Augustas Baronas holds a master's degree from the Dutch Academy of Music in Amsterdam, he appeared in festivals in Lithuania, Latvia, Germany and Sweden. In his tours abroad he works with Italian saxophonist Claudio Jr De Rosa’s international jazz quartet. With it he appeared in Nord See Jazz, performed on prestigious jazz scenes in Umbria and elsewhere in Europe.


2020 has been declared the year of the Vilna Gaon and Lithuanian Jewish history. The audiovisual programme Prayer developed by the composer and percussionist Arkady Gotesman and the team of performers (authors of the idea – Arkady Gotesman and Lara Lempertienė, designer – Akvilė Anglickaitė, installation author – Grigorijus Zundelovičius) is dedicated to this topic.

The musical basis of the project comprises Jewish and Lithuanian folklore. According to the initiators, the synthesis of audio-visual arts is one of the ways to convey in a modern way the ideas of a great thinker, his reflections of time and space. Using modern video and audio technologies, music of triangles, performance, laser and light effects, and ancient text, Prayer will present an unprecedented innovative interpretation of Gaon’s legacy and introduce his unique thinking.

Vilnius Jazz