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15 - 24 November 2024


Cleveland Watkiss and Django Bates - Arts and Crafts

Cleveland Watkiss and Django Bates - Arts and Crafts

Sun 14 November 2021

Stage time / 7:00pm



Kings Place (Hall One),
90 York Way
N1 9AG

Cleveland Watkiss and Django Bates have travelled independent paths for the past forty years, each imparting purpose and direction to their craft, and in tonight’s concert they unite for the first time at the EFG London Jazz Festival where they will explore Afro-Caribbean, American and English folk culture through song, jazz and improvisation.

'The artist walks where the breath of the spirit blows them. The Artist cannot be told their direction when they do not know it themselves. But they lead the rest of us into fresh pastures and teach us to love and to enjoy what we often begin by rejecting, enlarging our sensibility and purifying our instincts.'
 The wisdom of John Maynard Keynes, founder of the Arts Council, still resonates in our time.

From Armstrong to Bowie - from Bates to Watkiss.
Songs of love and hope, songs of art and craft.

Cleveland Watkiss
- Voice, Electronics
Django Bates
- Piano, Voice, Keyboards

Nick White’s photo collage reveals Cleveland and Django at play, both absorbed in their art and craft during their golden years.

Listen to just one of the stories behind this show taken from their Jazzwise interview with Kevin Le Gendre

Directions to the venue