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12-21 November 2021

African ManiFest: K.O.G

African ManiFest: K.O.G

Sun 14 November 2021

Stage time / 4:00pm


LONDON Southbank Centre / The Clore Ballroom,
Belvedere Road


No booking required FREE

“I view MUSIC as a major WEAPON in the BATTLEFIELD for PEACE of MIND in the world” 

Kweku Sackey
aka K.O.G (Kweku of Ghana) is a multi-dimensional creative force, combining exquisite writing skills with shamanistic live performance, fierce raps, perfectly on pitch singing across a massive vocal range and some absolutely wicked dance moves. Not to mention his skills as a percussionist, arranger, bandleader and art director. A

true poet and storyteller, he uses a mix of English, Pidgin and Ga to paint sonic pictures that reach deep into the souls of everyone ready to listen.

Ghana’s finest

Jools Holland, on Later... March 2021

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