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EFG welcome you to the Festival

One of our longest running supporters is our Headline Sponsors EFG Private Bank. Here, Head of EFG Private Bank Ltd Richard shares his thoughts and hopes for the 2020 Festival...

On behalf of EFG, I would like to extend to you all a very warm welcome to the 2020 EFG London Jazz Festival. In a world where the magnitude and pace of change never fails to challenge, 2020 has been a rare moment of pause, perhaps allowing some of us to consider our priorities and our blessings. As a result, I would hope that we have a renewed appreciation of the important role that music and the arts play in our lives and more fully recognise the power they possess to inspire and unite us.

We are delighted that this year’s EFG London Jazz Festival plans to go ahead with such an innovative mix of live and digital musical experiences and we are so pleased to support the Festival producers Serious, in their quest to ensure that ‘the show goes on’. Similar to the efforts witnessed first-hand in our bank, we can applaud the creative and innovative ways Serious plan to bring the EFG London Jazz Festival experience to new and regular audiences, both in the UK and globally. Amongst this innovation, one constant to last year’s Festival is our co-creation of the EFG Elements Series, an eclectic and exciting selection of shows carefully chosen to reflect the breadth and depth of the Festival’s programming. This year, the format of the shows will be a mix of both live and digital, so we hope you get the chance to experience something new.

Our longstanding commitment to jazz is underpinned by a belief in the importance of developing the next generation of talent and the Festival continues to provide a vital entry point for artists, many of whom go on to build successful careers. The contribution they, together with the wealth of more established musicians make, enriches London’s cultural scene and builds a valuable legacy for the future.

I hope, like me, you will thoroughly enjoy the 2020 EFG London Jazz Festival and please accept my best wishes for the remainder of this remarkable year.

Richard A A Thomas MBE
Head of EFG Private Bank Ltd

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