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12-21 November 2021

'Where painting, music, poetry and dance meet'

Monika S Jakubowska

'Where painting, music, poetry and dance meet'

Sun 14 November 2021

Stage time / 2:00pm

Doors / 1:00pm

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LONDON Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club,
140 Newington Butts, Kennington, London
SE11 4RN



Résonances is an experimental event merging live visual, art, dance, musical performance and poetry hosted by Aurelie Freoua

Each performance takes you on a journey of creation, improvisation and interactions between all these art forms. This audio-visual experience creates dynamic and harmonious dialogues between different disciplines resonating, echoing and inspiring one another. Résonances is also an immersive experience where a thematic is explored, such as metamorphosis and dreams for the two previous events. This multidisciplinary live performance aims at challenging the perceptions of the viewer, stimulating their senses and emotions. The workshop starts by sharing with the audience some images and videos and then, we will do a small performance as a demonstration to highlight the dialogues between art, music, poetry and dance.

The workshop aims at exploring how these art forms interact with each other. We will mainly show people how the music and musical instruments influence our way to paint through our choices of colours, shapes and materials we use to create textures but also how the artworks are guiding the music (two-way dialogue).

The participants will be invited to draw and paint in response to the sound and we will help them to develop their visual approach and compositions which can be abstract or more figurative. We will highlight that all these choices are made by our unconscious and intuition and that we don’t control them totally. Everyone has their interpretations of the music and their own way to express visually the emotions they feel.

Alongside the music, there will also be sets involving poetry and dance/movements and we will guide the participants to paint inspired by these art forms.

Visual artist Ley Loosh will be co-hosting this workshop alongside a poet Fausta Joly, a dancer and musicians.

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