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15 - 24 November 2024


Roberto Fonseca

Roberto Fonseca

Wed 20 November 2024

Stage time / 7:30pm

Doors / 7:00pm

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Cadogan Hall,
5 Sloane Terrace


£37.50 - £42.50 + booking fee

Hyperrealism hits the stage: the legendary Cabane Cubaine is taking over concert halls for wild nights of dancing! Shall we…?

The poet Leopold Senghor wrote of the enticing sounds and smells drifting out of the Cabane Cubaine and tempting passers-by on rue Fontaine.

A century later, it’s the intoxicating perfume of the talented Roberto Fonseca that will accompany this jazzy air and take us on a wild dance.

“To the rhythms of jazz, and recently discovered Cuban music, we danced feverishly until dawn, in the dozen or so dance halls of the district”, recalled the writer Alejo Carpentier in his Chronicles. This was the 30s, and the Cabane Cubaine was the most famous cabaret in Paris.

Nowadays considered a ‘senior pastime’, the concept of the dance hall has been brought up to date in an outrageous venture from the man who once managed Buena Vista Social Club and currently manages piano virtuoso Roberto Fonseca. This is time travel. A deterritorialization of space and time. The sultry atmosphere of 1930s jazz clubs is recreated in the very same concert halls. The aim: putting real life experience back on the agenda. Cuban music needs to inhabit people’s bodies, to induce that sensual swing; the lead role is given to the audience, with the music at their service. The idea is already working its charm. All over the world, Roberto Fonseca will take up the challenge of creating an even more immersive experience in the golden age of Cuban music. Suitably attired, the virtuoso and his band will play the intoxicating sounds of Cuba’s jazz age, inspired by the great names of the time, like pianist Lily Martinez, to name but one. The frenzied rhythm of the percussion, Fonseca’s audacious talent, an orchestra worthy of the Cotton Club or Buena Vista, reconstruction perfected to the last detail: whether you’re a novice, a fan, or nostalgic for the olden days, don’t miss this opportunity to attend a concert that is both authentic and innovative, a truly unique experience!

Regardless of whether you know your mambo, rumba or bolero steps, put your glad rags on – you won’t be able to resist swaying your hips to melodies played by the man who many believe personifies the revival of Cuban music.

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