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15 - 24 November 2024


Queer Jazz: Yumé NET, Plumm x skttrd

Queer Jazz: Yumé NET, Plumm x skttrd

Thu 16 November 2023

Stage time / 8:00pm

Celebrating the Jazz Clubs


Jazzlive at the Crypt,
St Giles Church
Camberwell Church St

Queer Jazz comes to Camberwell’s Jazzlive at The Crypt as part of EFG London Jazz Festival. Two exciting acts from London’s burgeoning queer jazz scene, Yumé Net and Plumm x Skttrd, will take to the stage.

Queer Jazz is a celebration of LGBTQIA+ jazz artists in London. Hosted by Tina Edwards and Jelly Cleaver, QJ fosters community and gives a platform to both established and rising artists, through live music, jams and panels. Come for the music, and come again for the community ️‍🌈

Previous gigs at our first home Woolwich Works, featured Eliza Oakes, Akin Soul, Faker Villain and more.

Yumé NET

As our lives move more and more online, the boundaries between the natural and digital world become increasingly blurry. Yumé NET is interested in interrogating these boundaries. Whether it's in her research as a bioelectronics PhD student developing electronics that interface with the human nervous system. Or in her music, where she crafts coruscating and otherworldly musical landscapes that explore what it means to be human in an increasingly online society. Using a meld of modern jazz and experimental electronic music as her framework, Yumé sets out to tell stories about the very personal and very human aspects of her life (platonic love, trans joy, identity, bigotry, community) and how technology has transformed them. Tender but heavy, calculated but full of love, her music invites the listener to join her in exploring what lies between and beyond the 0s and 1s.

Plumm x skttrd

Plumm x skttrd is a live electronic performance featuring live and looped vocals, with pulsing drum machines and wide atmospheric synths. Bursting with rave nostalgia, Plumm x skttrd's sound struts between trip hop, house, breaks and trance. We aim to break boundaries in that a large amount of our performance is improvised. We believe that our live approach gives us a complete symbiosis with our audience. We can react with complete control to the energy of the room - producing new music consistently while performing. We blur the line between live performance and DJ'ing.

Plumm is a genre-bending, stage strutting chameleon, dining with both light and shadow.

Her tune “You Are The One Live” is the title track for new Apple TV series – Liaison. Plumm is an eccentric performer, recently selling out the Jazz Cafe with her Led Zeppelin band, has her own Rock/Jazz band that have staged the likes of the Royal Albert Hall and performs in larger collectives such as Levitation Orchestra. Catch her as Clash Magazines one-to-watch and Jamz Supernova’s After Dark Discovery.

skttrd (pronounced scattered) is an audiovisual project by digital artist hen dog. skttrd releases music/film , performs live electronics and dj sets , and curates skttrd.world – an immersive party bringing together live visuals and live electronics.

Together, Plumm and skttrd bring a duo that, put simply, is a buffet of drum machines, improvisation, Plumm literally turning into a live vocal sample pack, soul, trip hop and more.

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