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Orphy Robinson's Virtual Jazz Club Band

The artist, with bowler hat, playing keyboard in a stage setting

We are live in
4 weeks

Keeping our distance whilst coming together

We are all working hard to keep ourselves and others safe by keeping our distance, but this EFG London Jazz Festival, we intend to bring people together through the digital world.

We are creating a new online ensemble led by Orphy Robinson, taking us from a “lonely hearts” to a “virtual jazz” club band. People can join in from the comfort of their own homes, perform and record a new special commission, and headline the EFG London Jazz Festival without ever leaving their living rooms.

To participate, download the guidance and scores from the Serious website, and submit your video before 15th October 2020.

Otherwise, catch the stream of the virtual jazz club band on Saturday 21 November at 4pm.

Sat 21 November

Stage time / 4:00pm

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