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11-20 November 2022


With support from the

OM 50 (1972 – 2022) – ELECTROACOUSTICOR

OM 50 (1972 – 2022) – ELECTROACOUSTICOR

Fri 18 November 2022

Stage time / 8:30pm

Doors / 8:00pm

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18 - 22 Ashwin street
E8 3DL


£16 + booking fee

This year the group OM celebrates 50 years of existence. For this occasion, the musicians present their new album on CD on Intakt Records in September 2022. For the CD release there will be a concert tour all over Europe in October/November /December 2022.

I often lose my place when listening to OM, the legendary quartet that’s been with us for half a century. There are moments all over their records when I find myself in an incredible polyrhythmic thicket or deep cosmic space, and I pause, thinking, “Wait, how did we get here?” That’s OM to me.

Make no mistake, though – you could easily locate all these elements in any particular track. And that’s part of what makes this group magic. For goodness’ sake, the spooky voyage “Im Unterholz bei Kiew” could be a new soundtrack to Tarkovsky’s Stalker or something you dance around your kitchen to. I certainly don’t know of any other bands that have that kind of reach. With decades of growth and exploration, together and separately, OM are making their best music right now.
– Jason Bivins (Durham, North Carolina, May, 2022)

Urs Leimgruber / soprano saxophone
Christy Doran / electric guitar, devices
Bobby Burri / double bass, devices
Fredy Studer / drums, percussion, bowed metal, gongs

With support from the Swiss Cultural Fund

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