Kansas Smitty's House Band

LONDON Shoreditch Town Hall
380 Old St


You've heard them on the radio, you've seen them on the TV show. In their biggest concert to date, East London's bastion of great music, Kansas Smitty's is taking over Shoreditch Town Hall's Assembly Hall with the House band serving up their blend of swing, jazz and good vibes to round out the final weekend of the 2016 EFG London Jazz Festival. Kansas Smitty's House Band is as one of the driving forces in the London jazz scene. Their reputation, built on incendiary live shows, was cemented by the release of their critically-acclaimed full-length debut album, back-to-back sold-out main shows at Ronnie Scott's and the opening of their own bar in East London. Both bar and band have received praise across the jazz and mainstream press, with extensive coverage from The Evening Standard, and reviews in the Sunday Times and Telegraph. The Band's debut record was named as one of the top jazz albums of 2015 by the Telegraph. The Sunday Times summed up bar and band up nicely, saying 'Conservatories or cocktails? If jazz is to survive it will need more bands (like this one)'. As their debut album exemplifies, they make wide use of the sour mash of styles that has allowed them to cross the divides between generations and dispositions. Moving through sounds of swing, blues, R&B, New Orleans second line and gospel, they pursue a sound of their own, seeking out and creating a new audience for their music. In the olden days, the Shoreditch Borough Refuse Destructor and Generating Station burned the borough's trash to provide steam for the generator that lit up the borough. Inspired by this history, for the Town Hall Concert, the House Band will move into new sonic territory. They'll invite some of their friends and collaborators from their own scene to perform never before heard new material and recycled, reinvented old classics to shine a light on their world for all to see.