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10-19 November 2023


Terry Edwards presents The NJE with Davey Payne, Yova + Rachel Horton-Kitchlew

Terry Edwards presents The NJE with Davey Payne, Yova + Rachel Horton-Kitchlew

Sat 18 November 2023

Stage time / 12:00pm

Doors / 11:50am

Celebrating the Jazz Clubs Beyond Margins


St John on Bethnal Green,
200 Cambridge Heath Rd
E2 9PA

Arctic Circle's Daylight Music has for over 14 years become an important part of London’s live music scene, with a weird and wonderful mix of musicians presenting ideas and storytelling in music and sound, alongside delicious cake, in some of London’s most splendid and iconic venues.

Daylight is pleased to work once again with their favourite multi-instrumentalist - and legend – Terry Edwards
(Tindersticks, PJ Harvey, Gallon Drunk, Holy Holy, Jerry Dammers etc).

In his latest curation for the series Terry takes time to examine, explore and dissect his musical DNA alongside the music and musicians who have accompanied him in some way or spirit over the course of his career.

With The NJE (Near Jazz Experience) Terry is joined by Mark Bedford and Simon Charterton, two of Terry's oldest musical friends. The trio is supplemented on this occasion by special guest Davey Payne - a huge influence on Terry with his signature saxophone playing with Ian Dury and The Blockheads.

The humour and music of Harpo Marx looms large in Terry's formative years. He has invited Rachel Horton-Kitchlew to fill St John's with the glorious sound of the harp - a sly nod and a wink to his vaudeville hero.

Yova came up on Terry's radar via Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey) and her co-writer Mark T. Vernon who managed John Cale - whose work has inspired him since 1975.

The final piece of the puzzle is pianist Pete Saunders (Dexys) who deftly joins the dots on the afternoon and this four-dimensional Venn diagram, depicting Edwards' bringing together all the pieces of his singular approach to music

Any time spent in the company of Mr Terry Edwards never fails to be a pleasure and captivating joy.

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