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ARTicle 10 - Conversations In The Era Of Black Lives Matter: Revolutionary Versus Reactionary

Kevin Le Gendre sits on a green chair, with a book open on his lap

We are live in
3 weeks

Article 10 of the Human Rights Act: “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression.’

Join Kevin Le Gendre and special guests for an insightful and challenging conversation on race, racism and the need for change within the music industry, entitled Revolutionary Versus Reactionary.

This series, and the EFG London Jazz Festival, stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

Jazz, at its very roots, is a music created, developed and shaped by Black culture.  The EFG London Jazz Festival has worked for years to promote cultural diversity and opportunity, but we know that there remains much more to be done.

We are listening, learning and supporting, and hope that our Festival programme this year, despite global challenges, represents the diverse society in which we live and the range of people who form the backbone of our music.

Moving forward, we will try our best to be self-aware, to challenge ourselves at every turn and to actively push for positive change. 

Tue 17 November

Stream time / 5:00pm

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