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11-20 November 2022


Patti Smith's London performance moves to the London Palladium on Sunday 24 July 2022

Patti Smith's London performance is moving from Alexandra Palace to the legendary London Palladium on the same night, Sunday 24 July 2022 from 6.30pm

Patti Smith and her band will perform plus special guests are Connie Constance and Nadine Shah. Info and tickets at higherground.london

Standard tickets already booked for Higher Ground Festival are valid for this show and you will be contacted by your ticket seller today


Fusing rock and poetry with complete command of her stage, Patti's music has firmly held on to its timelessness. When Patti Smith sings, people listen.

Nothing short of legendary, Patti Smith ranks amongst the most ambitious, unconventional, and inspiring rock and rollers of all time. Patti's unapologetic and iconic New Yorker identity makes her a sure-fire rebel, and no doubt, the 'Godmother of Punk'.

From seasoned busker and street poet/performer beginnings, Smith launched to fame with debut album Horses, followed by the timeless Because the Night and Easter, full to the brim with post-punk anger and incredible song writing.

Besides being a musician, performer and writer, Smith is also an accomplished visual artist. Her multi-faceted creativity is captured in her unforgettable memoirs Just Kids and M Train.

'Gracious and humble, she was everything history had built her up to be. She gave us what we wanted but also showed us what we needed. It was a glorious thing to be a part of, a circus of words and movements and desires'
(Beats Per Minute)

'Making vital contributions in music and poetry for half a century — she quite literally defined punk rock in the East Village. But she can still conjure up the fire-breathing intensity of her youngest days'
(Nashville Scene)


A refreshingly frank storyteller with an up-to-date indie-rock sound, Connie Constance makes music that accurately reflects herself, and defies simple classification

‘A neo-soul sheen and a bloody punk heart. Her singing voice can take on the measured care of jazz and pulls off spiky indie-disco anthems and melancholic pop as well. An unruly energy remains throughout, and at times Constance’s serrated rasp sounds like it could tear out of her throat’

‘A soundscape anchored as much in the jazz melodies of Billie Holiday and Nina Simone as it is in the sharp riffs and pulsating percussion of Oasis and Arctic Monkeys'

‘Carving out her own idiosyncratic, socially conscious take on soul-flecked indie scene’
(The Line Of Best Fit)

/ Watch her latest music video for single Miss Power’ here


Nadine Shah's critically acclaimed, and Mercury-nominated, album Holiday Destination saw her at her most political yet and continues to speak out for causes she believes strongly in in her brooding and jazz-kissed indie rock. Her most recent album Kitchen Sink continues her trademark social commentary.

‘Razor-sharp observations’
(★★★★ The Observer)

‘The surreal melodramas of Björk and the wry social commentary of Pulp. Hailed as a mythical lovechild of Nick Cave and PJ Harvey. She colours her songs with vibrant shades, drawing out tragicomic absurdities with sly panache’
(★★★★ Pitchfork)

‘Complex and thought-provoking post-punk, the musician grapples with – and ultimately embraces – the complexities of being a woman, channelling a powerful voice’
(★★★★ NME)

‘Low, moody guitar lines are often tempered by danceable rhythms and shuddering blasts of horns. It’s about women, but it’s for everyone’
(★★★★ Evening Standard)

/ Sample her impeccable lyricism in the music video for Ladies For Babies (Goats For Love) here

Info and bookings at higherground.london

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All other outdoor events at Alexandra Palace & Park are still going ahead as planned, including Kaleidoscope Festival on Saturday 23 July 2022

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