Zhenya Strigalev's Never Group

LONDON Zigfrid Von Underbelly
11 Hoxton Square
N1 6NU


Never Group is a new album and project by saxophonist Zhenya Strigalev, which presents original music from Zhenya (Alex Sipiagin, Aaron Parks, Matt Garrison, Chris "Daddy" Dave, Ambrose Akinmusire, "Foley" McCreary, etc). It is a departure from Zhenya's last project, Smiling Organizm and "Robin Goodie", demonstrating musical sides that have never before been exposed in Zhenya's previous projects.

Building a reputation on both sides of the North Atlantic for his adventurous and impassioned emphasis on improvisation, Never Group is an experience that matches quirky abandon with resolute musicianship and technicality. Strigalev enjoys the challenge of shining a light on the undiscovered and describes the desired on-the-edge thrill that unfolded from the Never Group! sessions: 'The whole point of what I do is that I need to surprise myself; I don't want to record something which sounds exactly like this or like that, because that's not interesting enough for me. Sometimes I can simply feel a tempo, a mood or an atmosphere, and I know this quartet will provide the opportunity to develop that.'

The line up for this concert is a new formation of Never Group which is going to be very special. It will consist of one of most in demand UK pianist Ivo Neame (Phronesis), and top US rhythm section of drummer Nasheet Waits and bassist Tarus Mateen who are also the rhythm section for Jason Moran's The Bandwagon. 

'A typical Strigalev collision of hip jazz virtuosity and surrealism Strigalev's alto displays bebop agility, shivery lyricism, or sometimes a bluesy Ornetteish swerve' (Guardian)

'An addictive mix of colourful vignettes. Strigalev's group could well be the next big thing in jazz' (All About Jazz)

'His playing has a mastery which puts him right at jazz's heart' (Telegraph)