Way Out West presents The WOW Factor

LONDON Bull's Head Barnes
373 Lonsdale Rd
SW13 9PY


Way Out West founder members Tim Whitehead, Tony Woods and Chris Biscoe (saxophone), Tom Miller (piano) and Dave Jones (bass) play their own music and the work of late Eddie Harvey.

The WayOutWest Allstars , a jazz musicians' collective based in West London,will premiere "The WOW Factor " at The Bull’s Head, Legendary modern jazz venue since 1957, which has been a home venue to the three generations of musicians represented in this programme, including singers Emily Saunders (current chairperson), and Nette Robinson, saxophonists Tony Woods, Tim Whitehead ,and Jimmie Hastings , pianists Kate Williams and Tom Millar, drummer Gary Wilcox and bassist Dave Jones.

A key feature of WOW during it’s 14 years of playing and promoting jazz on the west side of town has been the collaborative projects which have seen WOW members come up with newly minted music and new perspectives on the modern jazz repertoire- from jazz orchestra and big band projects led by Pete Hurt (a frequent contributor to The BBC Big Band repertoire), Tony Woods and Nette Robinson, through new works featuring Kate William’s Sextet, Tim Whitehead’s London Jazz Festival commissioned "Turner And The Thames",and Emily Saunders "Outsiders Insiders" album,to celebrations of the seminal works of Thelonius Monk, Charles Mingus , Sonny Rollins, The West Coast school, and others.

The WOW Factor will include WOWERs' reworkings of the late work of founder members Eddie Harvey (John Dankworth , Woody Herman’s European Herd, Bennie Goodman), legendary bop drummer Tony Kinsey, and recent interpretations of each others work by Pete Hurt, Emily Saunders, Tony Woods, Tim Whitehead and others.The key to the music is the mature relationships between these musicians and their successful creation of a co-operative spirit in the music .