Tommy Smith & Brian Kellock

LONDON PizzaExpress Jazz Club
10 Dean Street

Honed through years of playing together, the duo of Smith and Kellock bring a lifelong immersion in jazz history and “bewitching layers of delicacy” to their live performances
Two of Scotland's finest jazz artists, saxophonist Tommy Smith and pianist Brian Kellock, have teamed up to bring appreciative audiences some of the most beautiful, haunting and iconic pieces in the jazz repertoire.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the commentary from the press has been routinely littered with phrases such as... 'bewitching layers of delicacy', 'full flight', 'spontaneous invention', and 'sheer artistry'. Tommy and Brian, are a musically dynamic duo who bring reverence and invention in equal measure to the timeless art of jazz.

Their sets are largely drawn from the three CDs they have made together for Spartacus records, 'Bezique', 'Symbiosis' & 'Whispering of the Stars', which prominently feature selections from the great American & European Songbooks.

More importantly, their gregarious performances are informed by lifelong immersion in jazz history and a commitment to surprise, entertain and inform in the most inclusive of jazz experiences.