Taksim Trio + Dorantes

LONDON Cadogan Hall
5 Sloane Terrace


Created at the legendary Flamenco Biennale in Seville, Mediterranean Gypsies brings together two stunning groups.  David Pena Dorantes is usually just known as Dorantes – he’s the great figure who has created a whole new language of flamenco piano. Playing a rare British concert, he’s joined by members of the Taksim Trio, the great Turkish group who play Ottoman instruments such as the duduk, the baglama and above all the kanun.  The two groups don’t play separate sets – Mediterranean Gypsies, created by Ismail Tuncbilek and Dorantes, flows between the two groups. Sometimes they play separately, and at points they come together, making rich music together that explores the Roma links between their cultures.

Dorantes: David Pena Dorantes (piano) and Javier Rubal (percussion)

Taksim: Ismail Tuncbilek (baglama and saz) and Aytac Dogan (kanun)

  • Turkish Embassy