Sonic Navigation: The Grip, CoN and KwAkE and DJ Micachu

Sonic Navigation explores the improvised music that influenced British hip-hop, spoken word and contemporary jazz. Three acts will perform on the evening The Grip, CoN and KwAkE, and DJ Micachu.

Hip-hop is the artistic equivalent of jazz in modern times. Both are an expression of similar ideas based around improvisation, imagination, politics & the community. Current rap releases that feature jazz samples from iconic, independent American jazz labels such as Strata East, Black Jazz & Saturn have introduced free jazz to a younger generation who recognise its immediate emotional impact.
Sonic Navigation is a new project, (conceived by Finn Peters), which aims to explore the lineage of improvised music referencing those 60’s and 70’s jazz recordings that influence live British hip-hop, spoken word and contemporary jazz.  It hopes to give audiences a chance to hear how instant composition and freestyle can transcend musical genres and also how the music cross-pollinates.

3 acts will perform live on stage:
Contemporary jazz group The Grip whose new album ‘celebrate’ on Slowfoot Records draws on the influences of underground luminaries such as Steve Reid & Arthur Blythe. The Grip is a playful, energetic and freewheeling trio of highly individual soloists Oren Marshall on tuba, Tom Skinner on drums and Finn Peters on flute and saxes.

Hip-hop artists Con & Kwake throw down serious beats and rhymes. Recently they have performed alongside the likes of Mos Def & MF Doom. MC Confucius (Con) is the cerebral lyricist rapping with Kwake Bass on drums, samples and production.

Micachu - DJ sets from a highly creative and original musician & composer (Micachu & The Shapes) who knows no musical boundaries.

This is a truly unique evening and one not to be missed!