Robin Fincker’s Bedmakers + Dice Factory + Peedu Kass Momentum

LONDON Vortex Downstairs
11 Gillett Square
N16 8AZ


A triple bill curated by Dice Factory with a new group from Toulouse of Robin Fincker and Estonian bassist Peedu Kass.

The band name Dice Factory was chosen as a result of a fascination with author Luke Reinhardt’s cult classic novel TheDice Man in which decisions made by dice rolling determine structural events which are then lived through for periods of time. Says saxophonist and composer Tom Challenger, 'the name really came from this environment, and a very self-inflicted, heavy workload with the aim to getting into the music, where, within a lot of seemingly chaotic music, harmony and rhythm is a serious amount of structure. Chaos, chance, numbers, structure, work ethic'. These are the principles at work here. Challenger by name as well as nature, the saxophonist-composer explains how, 'rehearsal and discussions about the music were very long but nailing the music was paramount, coming even before approaching live work.' Although this at first might appear an ascetic, cerebral way of making music, the self-titled Dice Factory is a surprisingly lyrical and visceral recording. Newly released on Babel Label, the quartet tests Challenger’s concepts by altering relationships within the group sonic as well as a treatment of rhythm, meter and harmony that’s unconventional.

Tom Challenger (saxophone)
Dan Nicholls (piano)
Tom Farmer (bass)
Jon Scott (drums)

Anglophile and closet folk lover Robin Fincker brings music inspired by the likes of John Fahey and Bert Jansch into a jazz and improvised context.

Robin Fincker (saxophone/clarinet)
Mathieu Werchowski (violin)
Pascal Niggenkemper (bass)
Fabien Duscombs (drums)

The night also features a contemporary piano trio from Estonia, Peedu Kass Momentum, with adventurous rhythms, a clear sound and dashing stage performance.

'An exciting and intricately woven remake of the piano trio format' (DownBeat) 

Peedu Kass (double bass)
Kristjan Randalu (piano)
Toomas Rull (drums) 

This show is supported by the Estonian Embassy in London