River Collective

LONDON Queen Charlotte Hall Richmond


River Collective" with Julian Costello - saxophone, Stefanos Tsourelis - oud and guitar, Maciek Pysz - guitar, Yuri Goloubev - double bass, Dave Jones - bass guitar, Eric Ford - drums, Adam Teixeira - drums. Tonights concert presents collaborations and music composed for the complete collective. Julian Costello Quartet led by saxophonist Julian Costello released the album Transitions in 2017 to great acclaim. Recorded at The Artesuono Studios in Udine in Italy the album is conceptual in that the first seven tracks act as a segue and as well as musical transitions it tells the story of transitions we all experience in our lives. Maciek Pysz is a Paris based guitarist who has received critical acclaim for his many recordings. His debut album ‘Insight’ features Yuri Goloubev and Asaf Sirkis. Yuri Goloubev is one of the most in demand and acclaimed double bassists in Europe, “the perfect mastery of his instrument and his deep capacity for writing .. deeply rooted in his experiences from worlds of classics and jazz..” - Francisco Cruz, Jazz News. Adam Teixeira on drums and tabla is now based in London and leads his own trio “Adam Teixeira alternates with perfect intuition between pushing forward and supportively underpinning at the drums” - Ian Ballamy Stefanos Tsourelis Trio is led by Stefanos Tsourelis who is known for his versatility and ability to move across styles and genres on both the Guitar and Oud. The music is a fusion of Mediterranean melodies and rhythms with jazz improvisation and dynamic grooves developed collaboratively with the members of the trio. Dave Jones' writing has been described “sophisticated and nuanced” - London Jazz News’. He leads ‘Dave Jones Nonet’ and his playing has placed him alongside musicians Steve Gadd, Howard Levy and Ronnie Scott’s Soul and Jazz Orchestra. Eric Ford is one of the most in demand jazz drummers in London and can play with real empathy while also being very capable of intense virtuosic solos and high energy