Pascal Schumacher

LONDON Barbican / FreeStage (Level G)
Silk Street


Inspired by many visits to Japan in the last few years Pascal Schumacher has developed a deep love for Japan’s cities, nature and music.

Incorporating influences from Japanese culture into his work, Pascal has put his own spin on Orientalism, pursuing a style of minimalism from the Japanese concept of 'wabi-sabi', combining harmony and disorder. With the subtle, polished sound of his quartet as a base, he has created a piece of art more diverse than anything he has recorded to this point.

Listening to this creative work, the beauty of the vibraphone reverberating, the sound travelling through the air and disappearing, brings up visions of 'wabi-sabi'. Pascal Schumacher’s artistic skill can be felt through his vibraphone, truly touching the Japanese soul.

Pascal Schumacher - Vibraphone

Franz Von Chossy - Piano

Jens Düppe - Drums

Pol Belardi - Bass guitar