Oddarrang & Slowly Rolling Camera

35-47 Bethnal Green Road
E1 6LA


A double bill of bands pushing the boundaries of European jazz. 

Fresh out of Finland, Oddarrang make a genre-defying sound influenced by jazz, postmodern rock, classical and world music. They’ve been compared to the cool deep expression of Bjork, the mesmerising spiritual sonic soundscape of Sigur Ros, the laconic lyricism of Ennio Morricone and the rock anthem crescendos of the late e.s.t. This gig sees them build on the buzz with material from their new album, Agartha, released on Edition Records.

As the Guardian’s John Fordham said: ‘There’s plenty of jazz but you don’t have to be a jazzer to get it’.

Epic in both scale and sound, Slowly Rolling Camera are considered one of the leading lights of the nu-soul / electro groove genre. Currently making a significant impact on the UK music scene, their original and imaginative compositions fuse jazz, soul, trip hop and electronic music to create a truly unique musical soundscape. Keyboard player Dave Stapleton crafts sumptuous melodies balanced between the experimental and the band’s deep soul origins, Dionne Bennett provides both lead & vocal harmonies and they’re joined by multi-instrumentalist Deri Roberts on electronics, trombone and saxophone and Elliot Bennett on drums and drum programming

'Soundscape that has been compared with the Cinematic Orchestra and Portishead, but which throws Supremes-reminiscent vocal choruses and Coltranesque sax flights in for good measure - a soulful, powerful newcomer with Rising Star written all over it. Superb!'  (The Guardian)

Part of the EFG London Jazz Festival.