Numb Mob

LONDON Southbank Centre / The Clore Ballroom
Belvedere Road


Inspired by the shapes and sounds of Kingston upon Hull, Where to Build in Stone is an audio-visual project that draws on the sonic and visual backdrop of an urban landscape.

Performed with a variety of electronic and acoustic instruments, the piece is   a vivid soundscape embroidered with evocative melodies that evokes a mysterious and oddly beautiful side of the city.

The total running time clocks in at 24 minutes, a minute for each hour of the day.

The visual counterpart explores Hull over the course of a day, focusing on the quiet drama in the scenes that are everywhere and overlooked: the familiar seen from an unfamiliar perspective. 

Numb Mob is Liam van Ryn and Joseph Bird. Since forming, they have become an adventurous alternative outfit with avant-garde sensibilities. Taking on board influences like John Carpenter, Simon Fisher Turner, James Holden and Boards of Canada, they’ve arrived at a visually charged sound that is both familiar and alien.