Nik Bärtsch & Sophie Clements

LONDON Barbican
Silk Street


Pianist, composer and ECM artist for over a decade Nik Bärtsch joins with visual artist Sophie Clements to fuse solo piano with sculpture, film and installation design. The two artists met at the Punkt Festival and have gone on to create this project, which draws the audience into an experience of subtle, minimal changes. Nik’s trademark sound of interlocking rhythms, circular movements, different meters and micro-interplay combines with Sophie’s 16mm films, depicting elemental materials during moments of dramatic natural change Nik’s solo work is influenced by funk, contemporary classical, jazz and Japanese aesthetics.

Sophie Clements is a London-based artist whose work occupies a space between filmmaking, sculpture and sound. Her work ranges from solo gallery work to large-scale collaborative pieces with composers/musicians.

Inspired by a Zen poem entitled The Moon in the Water, the performance uses elements of water, light, reflections and music, all combined into one dramatic art and sound installation. The piano seemingly floats on top of a water tank on stage and a large screen behind shows filmed material of water in its various states, intercut with sharp graphical light effects. Both artists began working together in 2015, drawing upon influences in Asian philosophy, fine art, theatre, science and minimalism, resulting in When The Clouds Clear, which is an extension of both Bärtsch’s and Clements’ artistic practices and their mutual focus on simple forms.

Commissioned by Enjoy Jazz Festival and co-commissioned by the Barbican.

Supported by

  • 50 yrs Stanley Thomas Johnson