Michèle Drees: Jazz Tap Project

LONDON Royal Albert Hall / Elgar Room
Kensington Gore

A spectacular visual mix of thrilling tap dancers and great musicians, led by Michèle Drees, combining jazz, Latin and her own Rhythm Tap

This project works towards helping the revival of the iconic 'Jazz Tap', coming from Harlem to Hollywood's silver screen, and right up to the present day Jazz Tap movement in the UK and throughout the world.

This project supports some of the most talented tap dancers and musicians from across the UK and international Rhythm Tap scene.
The show features original compositions by Michèle Drees, specially tailored to the percussive interplay and rhythmic expression of our performing tap dancers, including an exciting mix of Jazz, Latin and Rhythm tap.

Michèle Drees Jazz Tap Project has been a growing presence at major venues and festivals in the UK/internationally, with regular sell-out performances.

'Rhythm Tap and Drumming are the things that set my soul on fire...they are from the same family. Using Rhythm as my starting point, I incorporate tap as a percussion instrument in my compositions. This deep rooted connection between drums and tap is the area I am pushing and exploring through this project.

Tap is visual jazz. It is improvisation and melodic phrases created visually, which is incredibly thrilling for our audiences.'