Marc Copland & Dave Liebman Duo

LONDON PizzaExpress Jazz Club
10 Dean Street


Two renowned players, pianist Marc Copland and saxophonist David Liebman, join forces to play contemporary jazz that is rhythmically intense, lyrical, and always displays their mutual empathy.

Two renowned players on the contemporary scene, Marc Copland and David Liebman, join forces to offer a program of contemporary jazz that is at times rhythmically intense, at times lyrical, and always displays their mutual empathy. In addition to the original material by both these master improvisers, their repertoire features creative re-working of various pieces from the ‘standards' repertoire.

DAVID LIEBMAN is a renaissance man in contemporary music. In the seventies, he established himself as one of the most important saxophonists through his extended gigs with Miles Davis, Elvin Jones, and Chick Corea, and others. Since then he has led a variety of bands, recording over 100 albums in styles ranging from classical to rock to free jazz. A noted educator, David authored books acknowledged as classics in the field of jazz; founded the International Association of Schools of Jazz; and was inducted into the International Association of Jazz Educator’s Hall of Fame in 2000. In 1999 he was nominated for a Grammy for Best Jazz Solo, and in 2011 was honoured as a Jazz Master by the USA National Endowment for the Arts.

MARC COPLAND is perhaps the foremost living exponent of the school of lyrical jazz piano, noted for his sensitive touch, innovative harmonies, and poetic approach to the instrument. Copland came to international attention in the 90s with a succession of his own distinctive bands, including a trio with bassist Gary Peacock, a cooperative trio with John Abercrombie and Kenny Wheeler, and an allstar quintet with Randy Brecker, Bob Berg, and Dennis Chambers. Since 2000 his output included well over 35 releases as a leader. In 2013 Copland, valued by musicians as an especially supportive accompanist, began recording for ECM as a member of John Abercrombie‘s quartet and Gary Peacock‘s trio, producing four albums in as many years.

Have always enjoyed both of these artists playing and have featured their recent albums on Full Circle. Both are brilliant improvisers creating exciting originals but also creative re-workings of various pieces from the ‘standards’ repertoire.

(Ruth Fisher at Jazz FM)