Keith Tippett Octet with Matthew Bourne

LONDON Kings Place (Hall One)
90 York Way
N1 9AG


An evening to celebrate a seminal and inspirational figure in the evolution of UK jazz since the 1960s.  

In the first part of  the concert Keith Tippett unveils a brand new duo with fellow pianist Matthew Bourne – himself one of the most provocatively talented artists of a later generation.

The second part of the concert will consist of a full set with the Keith Tippett Octet who plays on his most recent, acclaimed recording The Nine Dances of Patrick O'Gonogon, in music that carries echoes of Irish folk themes, Ellington and Mingus, but which is entirely of Tippett’s own making, with a band of precociously talented young players as well as the assured presence of drummer Peter Fairclough. 

Julie Tippetts adds her evocative voice to the final song in music described by Guardian as ‘simply breathtaking’. 

Fulvio Sigurta – Trumpet/Flugelhorn

Jim Gold - Alto Sax/Soprano Sax

Paul Booth – Alto Sax/ Flute

Kieran McCleod – Trombone 

Rob Harvey – Trombone

Tom McCredie - double bass

Peter Fairclough – drums and percussion

Keith Tippett – piano/composition

Guest: Julie Tippetts – Lyrics and Voice

‘A veteran and a new star of iconoclastic piano stylings. Two mavericks. Lots of fireworks.'

(Jez Nelson)

Part of our 25 for 25 commissioning programme

British artists supported by PRS Foundation Talent Development Partnership with Serious