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Jazz Yoga - Shri Sriram with Constanza Ruff

Sun 22 November

Stream time / 6:00pm

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Stream £10 + booking fee

Stream tickets through DICE and we are really pleased to announce that £1 from each ticket will be donated to our friends at Choose Love, a charity providing crucial aid and advocacy for refugees.

Without a doubt, 2020 has been a year of upheaval, stress and uncertainty and so it is more necessary than ever before that we prioritise our physical and mental health.

Join us for Jazz Yoga, on Sunday 22 November at 6pm, where award-winning multi-instrumentalist, producer and arranger Shri Sriram will harness his unique soundworld to perfectly accompany 75 minutes of mindful yoga.

Weaving a combination of textures and looping in melodic and bowed bass, flute and percussion, Shri will create an atmospheric backdrop to a flowing and restorative yoga sequence, led by dynamic MoreYoga instructor Constanza Ruff.

This Slow Vinyasa Flow session, like any vinyasa practice, is a sequence which links poses, movement and breath but, in this case, the element of time adds a different quality. In response to the musical soundscape of the event, attendees will practice fewer poses for longer periods, allowing beginners to become acquainted with the practice and experienced practitioners to explore a familiar pose in all its nuances. Transitions in between poses are slower, which will bring into focus how you can engage your body to flow, rather than relying on the existing flexibility of our human frameworks.

A slow flow can bring discovery to your practice, and if done mindfully, can be experienced as a meditative dance, particularly against this very special musical backdrop.

are excited to deliver this special event in partnership with MoreYoga, who will host the session in one of their beautiful studios.

All participants will need is their own mats and the option to include any other blocks, cushions or blankets which may be essential for their individual practice.

Jazz Yoga will be streamed as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival at 6pm on Sunday 22 November, a perfect way to wind down towards the end of the Festival.

*Whilst yoga is a beautiful way to reset your body and mind, if you are struggling and feel you need some more concrete guidance and tools to manage your mental health, join our free Mental Health & Wellbeing Seminar with a qualified counsellor on Sunday 22 November at 3pm, or go to mind.org.uk for immediate support*