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Jazz Plus Ensemble

Sat 14 November

Stream time / 9:00pm

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Jazz Plus Ensemble brings together young musicians from across the UK to reinvent the Big Band sound. Their debut album released this summer was recorded and filmed in a colourful railway arch in Brixton. The filmed studio sessions showcase the immense talent and infectious fun of these brilliant young musicians. Players include rising jazz names Matt Sulzmann (saxes), Daniel Garel (saxes), David Sear (trombone), Alistair Martin (trumpet), Alex Astbury (trumpet), Felicity Evans (saxes) and Matthew Jacobs (keys) as well as players that have day jobs as teachers, engineers, civil servants and computer scientists! This watch along contains original tracks and fresh arrangements that put the immense power, complexity and enjoyment of modern Big Band jazz firmly into your living room. 

"Impressive arrangements, frequently dynamic ensemble playing, incisive solos, the Jazz Plus Ensemble's debut recording is set to receive many plaudits and all of them will be fully deserved." - Bebop Spoken Here

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