LONDON Southbank Centre / The Clore Ballroom
Belvedere Road

Ten of the UK’s leading female musicians combine in a fascinating new initiative - led by Issie Barratt - playing new music from women composers representing a breadth and diversity that crosses generations and cultural backgrounds. 

INTERCHANGE - an exiting new jazz dectet comprising ten of the nation’s most innovative jazz composers and improvisers -  pushing at the boundaries and blurring all the edges 

I’ve been wanting to work with each of these amazing musicians for years - avidly listening as they each forge such uniquely diverse and vibrantly creative pathways across the international scene, collectively sharing a mutual keenness to be bold and adventurous with their ideas.

This year I’m celebrating 30 years as a composer, conductor, record producer, saxophonist and educator, and while I’m thrilled with all the wonderful opportunities that have come my way so far, a landmark like this highlights the passing of time and the need to take charge and make those creative ideas you’re currently dreaming of really happen!' 

INTERCHANGE’s fabulous programme of ten new works -  As you’d expect from this particular personnel, each piece is highly programmatic (e.g. An Ocean Formed of Stars, Caliban, Negomi, Samla Korna Med Kulning and Spontaneous Symmetry) and often deeply personal (e.g Hope, Still Here, To the Power of 10 and Palmyra) keenly exploring the full emotional spectrum while collectively pushing the composed and the improvised to the max.

Because of INTERCHANGE’s diverse cultural background (Most of us have parents from two different nationalities and have each spent alot of time living in other countries and working and studying with musicians from different musical backgrounds) combined with our mutual experience across all genres (jazz, pop, classical, world music) we’re naturally a very genre-fluid ensemble. For example Shirley Karen is a regular member of both Mike Westbrook’s big band and the Ballet Rambert, while Carol’s either touring with Seal or playing on TV soundtracks. Shirley’s equally at home playing jazz, Middle Eastern or classical cello and Yazz is as comfortable working with the LSO as with the LJO - It’s an eclectic and vibrant mix!

"I’m certain this hand picked ensemble will provide the listener with a unique and exciting programme that offers a broader more diverse experience than any audience might typically hear!”

Issie Barratt is supported by PRS for Music Foundation

  • PRSF - Women Make Music fund