Hugh Coltman - Nat King Cole

LONDON Jazz Cafe
5 Parkway

Hugh Coltman interprets the music of Nat King Cole, reflecting on the life and times of a revered black artist against the racial background of 50s and 60s America

Shadows - Songs of Nat King Cole, has been an idea brewing in Hugh's mind for a few years.

After having released and toured two self-penned albums on Universal records, Hugh toured and recorded with Belgian/Italian Jazz pianist and producer Eric Legnini. This experience gave him the confidence to finally approach Nat King Cole's repertoire.

The idea behind the album was born of Hugh's intention to shed light upon the darker part of Cole's life. That of a black musician, active at a time when segregation and racism were rife. Hugh's idea was to reveal these 'Shadows', rarely if ever evident in Cole's work. The choice of songs, production and Hugh's vocal performances on Shadows, rooted in his passion for the Blues, give an undertone of tension, even unease.

Here Hugh will perform Shadows in its entirety.