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HJC Presents "Back From The Brink" with The Soul Immigrants

Sat 14 November

Stream time / 8:00pm

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ONLINE (from Hampstead Jazz Club)



Hampstead Jazz Club is pleased to welcome back, following a rapturously received album launch, the fabulous Soul Immigrants, led by energetic showman Emrys Baird. Experience their distinctive sound with tracks from the album "Back From the Brink". Hailing from South London, The Soul Immigrants are fine purveyors of energetic soul, funk (& beyond). Since they reformed in 2011 they have been quietly turning out vinyl only 45's on their own label Dry Rooti Records.They've recently been been on tour with US3,Steve Cropper and Osaka Monaurail. So, this is a rare opportunity to catch them live.

As well as some songs from their new debut vinyl album, they will be playing some choice covers ( Prince,The JB's etc) and tracks which are funky, soulful and incredibly catchy, they have a repertoire of songs inspired by old soul-funk classics, Latin grooves and afrobeat vibes. If you like your horn horny and your guitar groovy, tonight's show should be just the ticket for you.

Masterminded by Nitin Sawhney and singer/guitarist (and well known Blues & Soul critic) Emrys Baird, who cut his teeth with the legendary Funk Ambassadors (backing the JB'S on their first ever UK tour in the late 80's hence the Fred Wesley connection), tonight's show promises to see the group in full party mode, as they are continuing to tread a well worn path and a firm commitment in keeping the flames of funk, fuelled and permanently alight! 

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