Hermeto Pascoal

LONDON Ronnie Scott’s
47 Frith Street, Soho


The great Brazilian composer and bandleader plays a rare club date. The festival also celebrates his music with Hermeto Hermeto Hermeto (see Sunday 24 November for details).

Hermeto Pascoal was born in Olho d´Água, on July 22nd, 1936, and raised in Lagoa da Canoa, Arapiraca City, Alagoas State. He was fascinated by the sounds of nature since he was a little boy and developed his musical ear from an early age at his grandfather's blacksmith shop where Pascoal used to pick up pieces of iron and hit them, trying to create music. He started to play with his older brother, José Neto, in forró parties, weddings reception, alternating with him on the 8-bass accordion and the tambourine. His upbringing undoubtedly contributed to his unique approach to music in his eccentric performances and recordings. 

He’s also known for his Sound of Aura concept, where Pascoal uses everyday sounds like people's speech and traffic noises in his work. Hermeto Pascoal has a long list of admirers including Miles Davis, for whom he recorded as instrumentalist and composer, John McLaughlin, Duke Pearson and Gil Evans. He’s also played with musicians such as Aquilo del Nisso, Luiz Avellar, Maria Bethânia, Fagner, Galo Preto and Eduardo Gudin.

'Here is an almost unique opportunity to see Brazilian musician and composer Hermeto Pascoal. Don't miss it.'

(Jeff Young, Jazz FM)