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Moostak Trio

Katarzyna Borek

Sun 22 November

Stream time / 8:00pm

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A seamless blend of free improvisation, jazz and folk harmony, and immersive sonic landscapes, guitarist Harry Christelis presents MOOSTAK TRIO, a London based group set at exploring the infinite possibilities within the world of instrumental improvised music. Completed by Andrea Di Biase on double bass and Dave Storey on drums, the trio uses a harmonious musical and personal connection to journey through soft and ambient tones, interjected with moments of fire and intensity. Highly interactive conversations between the three distinctive players define the sound world in which the band sits, as they weave their way through an array of textures and colours over standard like forms and free improvised passages. With nods to a variety of musical heroes such as Jakob Bro, Bill Frisell, Elvin Jones, Talk Talk, The Beatles, and RJ Miller, the band brings all of it’s influences together to create a truly unique listening experience.

Harry Christelis - Guitar/Electronics

Andrea Di Biase - Double Bass

Dave Storey - Drums

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