Golden Age of Steam + Ivo Neame
Ivo Neame Quartet

LONDON Con Cellar Bar
42 St Pancras Way

James Allsopp’s surreal take on Ligeti, Albert Ayler and Beefheart’s twisted lyricism - complemented by Phronesis pianist Ivo Neame’s new quartet.

Award-winning multi-instrumentalist and composer James Allsopp's Golden Age of Steam make music inspired by the combination of anarchic playfulness and formal logics of Ligeti's music, the joyous saxophone thunder of Coltrane and Ayler and the twisted lyricism of Captain Beefheart. With Kit Downes, Tim Giles, Ruth Goller and Alex Bonney, this is an immersive, elliptical, surreal and witty musical experience to rival any other.

Also featured is a new Quartet lead by the inspirational Ivo Neame (Phronesis, Marius Neset) featuring George Crowley, Tom Farmer and James Maddren.