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Gaika, Azekel & Miink present PALATIUM (Mixcloud Stream)

an abstract image, like water

Fri 20 November

Stream time / 9:30pm

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“In these streets there are palaces
In them some people live and some people die
In these streets there are palaces
Grand mansions for holograms
Four walls for Black Lords
But who built them and what for”

Palatium is a collaborative performance by the artists GAIKA, MIINK and AZEKEL – a visceral investigation of inner and outer worlds, of nature and of intent.

From Gaika: As artists and humans we lay our foundations in the stunning legacies of those visionaries who came before us. We proceed to perpetually construct and deconstruct realities in search of some irreducible truth. We do this to build structures greater than ourselves in these times of climatic turmoil. It’s time to get free.

The underground and unseen architecture of the revolutionary body experiences fatigue in its passage through time and so we must build again

Palatium is a haunting and politically pertinent investigation of the artists’ personal archive of jazz records and contemporary electronic production, surging with ideas around Black identity, capitalism, colonialism, authoritarianism, and delivers authentic, unsettling emotion.