Fini Bearman + Hannes Riepler Quartet

11 Gillett Square
N16 8AZ

Singer and composer Fini Bearman will be performing songs from her third album Burn the Boat together with her quintet

Fini Bearman - vocals
Matt Robinson - piano, keyboards
Nick Costley-White - guitar
Conor Chaplin - bass
Dave Hamblett - drums

Singer, composer and collaborator Fini Bearman presents a double bill for this special EFG London Jazz Festival event. She will be performing songs from her critically acclaimed album Burn the Boat (Two Rivers Records, Oct 2016) together with her quintet featuring Matt Robinson on piano, Nick Costley-White, Conor Chaplin on bass and Dave Hamblett on drums. The band will share the stage with a special guest, TBC.

With her third album, Burn The Boat, Fini Bearman presents new songs which meld influences as diverse as jazz, folk and contemporary music into an arresting and uniquely personal sound. This album has already reviewed much praise from the UK jazz press,

'...A stunning album..A thing of unsurpassed beauty. One of the most memorable collections of self-penned songs you'll hear this year' ***(Jazzwise),

'Top compositional form...A beautiful recording' (allaboutjazz).

This music will take you on a journey from the loved and lost, moments of sheer joy, reflection, to musings on the perennial questions in life. With settings of original text alongside poetry from Langston Hughes, Fernando Pessoa and E. E Cummings this music is honest yet witty, mixing lush harmony and orchestration with contemporary grooves.

Hannes Riepler has a regular quartet which has released two albums on Jellymould, including with leading saxophonist Chris Cheek.  He has made his mark on the city’s vibrant jazz scene, not only for his outstanding, inventive guitar skill and freewheeling energy, but as an extraordinarily talented composer. Since moving to London from Austria via studies in Amsterdam in 2006, Riepler has been working on new material. Known as the host and curator of London’s gem of a jam session at the Vortex Downstairs, Riepler will perform his own material tonight, showcasing some of the works to be released and toured in 2015. Riepler stylishly combines the immediacy of New York’s propulsive Downtown style with classical and folk textures.His quartet includes Tom Challenger (sax), Oli Hayhurst (bass), James Maddren (drums)

“London continues to be a magnet for foreign jazz musicians, and one of the best is Austrian guitarist Hannes Riepler” (Daily Telegraph)