Fatback Band

LONDON Jazz Cafe
5 Parkway


One of the most acclaimed disco, soul and funk groups to have ever emerged from America, The Fatback Band return to the Jazz Cafe after the sell out success of their last headline show here in 2016. The grittiest of the US club bands of the mid 70s, they mixed jazz with funk, prefigured disco and were at the beginning of rap – their 1979 rap single ‘King Tim III’ was released a week before the Sugarhill Gang’s ‘Rapper’s Delight’ – and forged the mid-80s club anthem ‘I Found Lovin’’. With more than 35 albums released over the course of a hugely influential career, it’s with great joy that we welcome drummer Bill Curtis and his disco cohorts back to our stage.

'I can’t overstate how much I love the Fatback Band - funk, disco, soul, rap, crazy basslines, crunchy synths, they’ve got it all. If the dancefloor is dying I just throw on a Fatback record and it brings the party right back around. Very excited about this rare UK show.'

(Anne Frankenstein, Jazz FM)