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12-21 November 2021

Ewan Bleach and his Orchestra concert and jam

Sabrina Dollot Seguro

Ewan Bleach and his Orchestra concert and jam

Sun 14 November 2021

Stage time / 12:30pm

Doors / 12:00pm


LONDON Jamboree,
6 St Chads Place,
Kings Cross



Ewan Bleach leads a ten-piece jazz band playing arrangements form the late twenties and early thirties, from bandleaders such as Benny Moten, King Oliver, Duke Ellington, and Guy Lombardo as well as some original music, all followed with an old style jam session.

Ewan Bleach is an internationally renowned clarinettist, saxophonist, pianist and vocalist specialising in old style jazz. He has run swing dance nights with live jazz in London for over 10 years and has spent time in New Orleans where he performed and recorded with the New Orleans-based Tuba Skinny. Whilst he plays the old music he is very focused on its timelessness and devoted to the art of improvisation

In this project Ewan has brought together and orchestra of ten, included the renowned Enrico Tomasso on trumpet and the masterful Colin Good on piano. They are focusing in part on a very special period in jazz from around 1927-1931, the era of the territory bands, and playing transcribed arrangements from iconic bandleaders such as Benny Moten, King Oliver, Charlie Johnson and Duke Ellington as well as playing the dance band music from Guy Lombardo and some originals by Ewan Bleach himself. Most of this this is pre-swing era music, or rather the music that inspired and brought about the swing era, there are strong elements of ragtime, blues, moments of New Orleans counterpoint, the sound of sweet warbling and sliding saxophones, rough gut bucket trombone and stride piano.

The concert is a weekly residency happening every Sunday from 12.30-5, the band will play two opening sets and then from 2.30 Ewan will run an old-style jazz jam session until 5pm

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