Etuk Ubong

LONDON Royal Albert Hall
Kensington Gore


Following the release of his latest single 'Black Debtors', in-demand trumpeter Etuk Ubong is exploding onto the UK music scene. Ubong was born in Nigeria in 1992 and was raised in the city of Lagos. His mother’s encouragement steered him towards the trumpet at just 14 and he went on to study at the Peter King College of Music and MUSON school. Ubong released his EP Miracle in 2016 with another quartet formed of Nigerian artists. Following the success of Miracle, Ubong released his debut album, Tales of Life in 2017. 

Etuk has performed professionally for close to a decade and it was on the bandstands of renowned musicians like Victor Olaiya, Femi Kuti and Buchi where he earned his stripes and developed a passion for music. Drawing inspiration from the jazz greats, afrobeat, highlife and ekombi, he adds that the sounds of the elements water, wind and fire inspire him, which is why he calls his music ‘Earth Music’. His compositions reflect his heritage and life philosophy of goodwill, peace and love to humanity.

Etuk recalls that, 'I played as a sideman for many years. Now I feel ready to lead my own band. I want to play my own compositions because it is my passion, and I feel it is my duty, to share my message of peace and goodwill through my music.' Etuk Ubong is also the owner of the fast growing heart of Lagos night club know as the the TRUTH, currently the most prolific since the Fela Kuti's Shrine in Lagos.