LONDON PizzaExpress Jazz Club
10 Dean Street


Saxophonist Dee Byrne leads a stand-out quintet whose compelling group interplay juggles order and chaos, inventive writing and improv, with dark and exhilarating grooves

ENTROPI explores a narrative of life-pondering, space gazing and risk-taking through Dee Byrne's compositions. Juggling order and chaos, composition and improvisation, the group takes listeners on a journey with compelling group interplay, strong themes, open-ended improvisation, dark grooves and interweaving melodic textures.

The ensemble comprises alto saxophonist Dee Byrne, trumpeter Andre Canniere, keyboardist Rebecca Nash, drummer Matt Fisher and bassist Olie Brice. Having performed live together for some time, the band has achieved a striking empathy and freedom to take risks.

"Interesting, stimulating music that is quite hard to pigeonhole gripped by a strong group instinct that moves from hard bop and structured modal sounds into more improv-soaked free-bop." Marlbank

"Pushing the boundaries of recognisable elements from across modern jazz history yet always retaining strong, lively tunes and exhilarating band interplay" Manchester Jazz Festival

Entropi's debut album 'New Era' was released on the F-IRE Presents label in June 2015. PRSF funding in 2016 through the Women Make Music Scheme helped finance the recording of their second album, released on Whirlwind Recordings in September 2017.