Dunmall, Noble, Edwards & Sanders

LONDON Crypt Camberwell
81 Camberwell Church Street

Four exceptional musicians with a reputation as an outstanding spontaneous quartet explore the places where melody, improvisation and rhythm meet.

The quartet of Paul Dunmall/Liam Noble/John Edwards/Mark Sanders have an international reputation as one of the most outstanding quartets in free jazz today. between them they have just about played with everyone in the world of freejazz/improvised music. Each member is an leading figure. There music is known for it's energy but also for it's melodic invention.

Dunmall has played with most of the leading musicians on the international free jazz and improvised music scene, including Keith Tippett and Barry Guy.

As described by freejazz.co.uk  "Dunmall sounds at times like Sonny Rollins at others like Evan Parker, but arguably surpasses both in the precision and succinctness of expression ... his work is the very opposite of indulgent - this is music of the utmost seriousness and importance."

In the 1970s, Dunmall was a member of the Divine Light Mission and toured the US with its band. HIs first recording as sideman was as the saxophonist on the 1976 Johnny Guitar Watson album Ain't That A Bitch.

"Another incredible gem in a long lines of jewels from the Paul Dunmall treasure chest" (Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG)