Chassol - LUDI UK premiere

LONDON Southbank Centre / Queen Elizabeth Hall
Belvedere Road
SE1 8 XX


Following inspiring and vibrant performances in James Lavelle's Meltdown, visionary artist Chassol went to work on Frank Ocean’s project Boys Don't Cry and, most recently, produced three songs on Solange’s new album, When I Get Home. He returns with the UK premiere of his latest project LUDI.

The pianist, composer, arranger and musical director specialises in ‘ultrascore’ —performance fusing and harmonising stunning visuals and rhythmic motifs into a filmic/musical whole.

is a musical film inspired by Hermann Hesse’s novel The Glass Bead Game - an energetic and spine-tingling ultrascore that he performs live as the film is screened on stage.

The Game
is a particularly inspirational theme for Chassol. Competition, adrenaline, chance, behaviour - the composer is fascinated by the very concept of play for what it says about man and his interaction with the world around him

His audiovisual experimentation is a stand-out addition to this year’s Festival - Chassol has the ability to seduce an audience, immersing them in gorgeous projected visuals and a live performance that works in perfect synthesis with the film.

In LUDI, Chassol deals with each of these themes in various documentary sequences, but also through archive footage from popular culture. He also wants to stage various gaming situations using chroma keying, allowing to insert the shots into other sequences, notably drawings and animations.

Using these various filming methods in different sequences, the composer wishes to address each category and, in doing so, sew the movie in a personal way through his treatment of material drawn from the images and sounds which accompany them

  • ‘ I am so in love with this man ’
    (Gilles Peterson)
  • ‘ An eclectic genius who reminds you of Steve Reich, Ennio Morricone or The Cure ’
    (Le Monde)