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Billie + ScreenTalk

Sun 15 November

Stage time / 3:00pm

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LONDON Barbican Theatre,
Silk Street


Stalls £12

Circle £9.5


A newly-unearthed treasure trove of audio interviews about Billie Holiday form the basis of this new documentary profile of the great jazz singer.

Eschewing entirely the standard talking-heads presentation, this new documentary combines archive and performance footage and stills with a mosaic of voices, audio testimony from those who met or knew Billie Holiday, conducted in the 1970s for a planned biography. The book was scotched after the author’s early death; the tapes have not been heard, until now.

The outlines of Holiday’s life are well known, but the story is brought vividly to life through these first-hand accounts from her friends, relatives, fellow musicians (including Count Basie and Sylvia Sims), and even the arresting officer on one of her drug busts, and the pimp who pressed her into prostitution as a young girl.

We are delighted to be joined after the screening for a ScreenTalk with the film’s director James Erskine.

UK 2019 Dir James Erskine 98 min Digital presentation

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