Dawn of Midi, Daniel Brandt and Bau.Haus.Klang

LONDON Barbican
Silk Street


2019 marks the 100th anniversary of a revolution in the philosophy of aesthetics. Not just around architecture and design, but in art forms such as film, dance and visual arts. Bauhaus with its values of minimalism, functionality and liberal modernism continues to be influential. 

Following its astounding Berlin premiere in January, composer and pianist Michael Wollny challenges how Bauhaus manifesto could be translated into today’s sound. The pianist plays opposite the mechanics of the ‘phonola’, a music machine from 1920’s that operates a second grand piano programmed by Wolfgang Heisig. Improvisation versus composition, organic versus structural, presents a field of tension accompanied by Émile Parisien (saxophone), Leafcutter John (electronics) and Max Stadtfeld (drums) ‘playing’ the materials of the Bauhaus – wood, glass, metal, clay, stone and fabric – and the wild dance music of the legendary Bauhaus Orchestra.  

The event continues with a musical response to the movement from Berlin-based Daniel Brandt’s Eternal Something and the minimalist trio Dawn of Midi from Brooklyn, whose special sets are presented in association with Erased Tapes. Percussionist Brandt Brauer Frick balances modern classical and dance music with Eternal Something. Dawn of Midi’s technical virtuosity and the meticulous harmonic texture is the immaculate soundtrack to this Bauhaus cosmos. 

This evening is created around the Bau.Haus.Klang project commissioned by the Bauhaus Festival – a celebration for the opening of the Bauhaus 100-year activities in Germany.

Supported by

  • Embassy of Germany
  • Goethe Institut